Oasis of Sound

An Evening of Sound Bath and Mantras 

 With Anne Malone

Friday July 13th, 19:30–21:00 (every 2nd Friday of the month) 

The Life Centre, Islington 1 Britannia Row, London N1 8Q2       phone: 020 7704 0919   cost: £15

 “Music is the breath of Love … bathe in the beautiful vibrations of the Sound Bath … Journey into the heart of sound” 

Join Anne every second Friday of the month for a sound bath to soothe you into your weekend, as you relax into the healing sounds of Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Shamanic Drum, Hang, Sansula, Rainstick and vocal toning. Bathe and relax in the healing vibrations of Gong, Shamanic Drum, Hang, Sansula and Rainstick as your body resonates within these pure tones, you begin to feel refreshed and retuned. 

Sing your heart into the bliss of Mantra and the joy of chanting together, move and flow into motion, ready to sail into a blissful weekend. 

 This is Friday’s Oasis - your Soundbath to the weekend. ‘Oasis of Sound is the perfect counterpoint to the stresses and hassle of living in a major city. 

The music is sublime, played on an assortment of instruments that include rain sticks, gongs, guitars and hang drums and Anne’s stunning voice transports the room to a haven of tranquility. 

Sound actually becomes physical when Anne places a singing bowl on various “chakra areas” of the body, its vibrations coursing through every cell. I can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my week.’ Michael Reece, Artist 

 ”Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life” Shiva Rea  

 The Life Centre, Islington 1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH  020 7704 0919

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SoundBath n Mantra

with Anne Malone 

 The Life Centre Nottinghill Gate 

 Join Anne and friends for a Sound Bath with Gong and Singing Bowls and Mantras at The Life Centre, Nottinghill

15th April, 10th May, 21st June, 30th August, 20 Sept, 25 Oct, 6th Dec 2018

Throughout the year we will journey deep into our heart chakra, filling our body with pure vibrations and healing sounds of Chinese Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls, as we connect with the core of our being, and tune our body at a cellular level through the gentleness of their resonance … combined with gentle yet deeply healing MantraMassage … a unique SoundBath. 

Each month will find us drifting into the magical world of nature, soothed by the gentle rhythm of Rainstick, Shamanic drum, Hang and Sansula, as the rhythm of sound and massage become one enriching our tapestry of Sound & MantraMassage, bringing us home to our of HeartHome as we gently chant and sing sacred songs. The only side affect is Peace and Love to All. **** If booking for more than one person, please call 020 7221 4602. **** This event will run one Thursdays of each month 7.45pm – 9pm 

£18 for each session 



Sacred Sound Training with Anne Malone 

Sacred Sound and Vocal Toning Teacher Training

Sacred Sound and Vocal Toning Teacher Training is an invitation to explore, expand and develop your natural healing qualities and creativity through sacred sound, singing, chanting and shamanic journeying.

We were born to sing and play music…Let’s demystify and explore the world of sound and rediscover The Alchemist of Sound within you…

This unique 6 day 36 hour teacher training course will explore the essence of Sacred Sound Healing and Vocal Toning enabling you to facilitate group SoundBaths and introduction to 121 SoundHealing Sessions.

Focussing on the instruments used in Anne’s Oasis of Sound sessions, students will learn how to play: 

  • Singing Bowls
  • Sansula
  • Shamanic Drum
  • Rainstick
  • Gong
  • Hang

We will also explore the following:

  • Placement of the Singing Bowl on the body and its healing effects
  • Chanting and singing Mantras
  • Structuring a well balanced playlist
  • Space clearing using sound

Specifically – students will:

  • Learn and craft the art of Sacred Sound and Shamanic journeying
  • Become proficient in techniques of playing instruments, their application and placement
  • Become proficient in vocal sensibility & rhythm
  • Develop fine tuning facilitation skills and self confidence
  • Create and choreograph Sound Baths
  • Incorporate playlists alongside live music and guided meditation into your chosen practice
  • Become proficient in Space Clearing with Sound
  • Learn the technique of Singing Bowl Chakra placement

See how Sound actually becomes physical; its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound. These vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages. Through this connection to Sound, students will naturally develop confidence in singing and self-expression through improvisation techniques and Mantra work to help strengthen the voice. This will extend to finding the loving power within your heart and share with your class, session or performance

With the introduction of each new instrument, vocal technique and skill, we will focus on experiencing the sound and its effect upon the body and environment, followed by a demonstration of the technique, followed by hands on practice. Working in small groups, we will practice and explore, constantly refining these newly learnt skills, returning to each one, building on and refining these beautifully healing gifts of sound. After each session you will receive video footage of techniques and related information, which will become part of your manual. 

Please note that you will be required to carry out some pre-course pre-reading to en-able you to get the most out of the training. We therefore recommend that you register for the course as early as possible to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Connect with Anne –


You will receive a certificate of competency following full attendance of the course and assigned homework. 

What our students say

I very much enjoyed Anne's calm and warm way of delivering a very evolving concept.Sue on Sacred Sound Training for Yogis, November 2015



Weekend 1: 8 & 9th September
Weekend 2: 13/14 October 
Weekend 3: 10/11 November
Each session will run from 9.30am to 5.00pm with a one hour lunch break 


Number of hours: 36 hours 


Sacred Sound Training

-  with Anne Malone  in Notting Hill 6 sessions over 7 months (contact Anne for further details) 

(This Training differs from Yogacampus Training in that you will receive a Yogacampus Certification upon completion, and the number of students is limited to 4 for my Nottinghill Training).

 Ever sat in Savasana and thought … “I’d love play my Tibetan Bowl and chant to my students now” … “but I am not a musician or singer” …  I say …  “Yes you are and you can!” …  let’s demystify and explore the world of sound, experiencing the simplicity of playing and chanting … In this course we will explore and learn how to grown Savasana into SavasanaSoundBath, by focussing on the use of Tibetan Bowls, Vocal Toning and Shamanic Drumming. We will learn how to play and place the Tibetan singing bowl directly on specific Chakras, explore the ancient pathways within the heart beat of the Shamanic Drum and the art of Vocal Toning, where and when to use musical instruments such as Sansula, Rainstick and gentle chimes … as we organically and lovingly weave these skills into a healing SavasanaSoundBath. Working in small groups we’ll practice these newly learnt skills in a focused, fun and safe environment … with loving guidance from me.  Singing Bowl Chakra Placement Placing the Singing Bowl on various Chakras, we will learn how to sing the Bowl with ease while balancing directly on the body, allowing the depth of vibration to resonate and release energetic stagnation.  This method of Healing Sound has extraordinary affect on the body, and will play an integral part of our workshop. 

The Art of Vocal Toning Using pure vocal tones, the body’s natural tuning instrument, we will learn how to clear the charkas and instil a healing resonance throughout the body, by “singing” or “toning” healing sounds directly into the body’s “sonic aura”.   

 Shamanic Drumming Connecting to our heartbeats through Shamanic drumming, we’ll explore the gentleness of heart rhythm, expanding into movement.   

Sound Bathing is when Sound actually becomes physical, its vibrations coursing through every cell, tuning the body on a cellular level using sacred sound, these vibrations resonate with the body’s molecules, balancing and releasing blockages …      “Anne is an extraordinary sound explorer and healer. Her musical journeys on the Hang are incredible soundscapes for the yoga of life.”  Shiva Rea   Anne Malone is an internationally recognized singer/songwriter, with a variety of CDs, one of which “Tender Lullaby” was nominated for NME Awards in 2009 and entered iTunes top 10 charts. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the exotic rhythms of Latin America, the eclectic sounds of USA and the rich folk traditions of Europe. Anne’s love of yoga and meditation has added depth of devotion and physical awareness throughout her journey, and by combining her training as a Therapist in Sacred Sound (Chris James), The Journey (Brandon Bays) and Shamanic Ceremony (Hart Lodge) she is offering a unique yogic musical exploration. Her recent project in conjunction with Mind Body Spirit, The Mantra Lounge, is becoming a big favourite with all who experience the magic of Sacred Sound and Mantra. “Music is a vital component for good health—lowering blood pressure, increasing cognitive function, decreasing pain and recovery time.”  Critical Care Medicine  “Anne’s hang playing seems to come from another, more beautiful universe and beckons us to ‘come along, come along..”  Jai Uttal Book at 07940 717 201 

 I offer Sacred Sound Training … in small Groups of 4 (Sacred Sound Training) 6 sessions over six month period, and One 2 One sessions … if you’d love to develop your ability to sing and create music from your heart … to share healing sounds … to write songs and to enrich your life with Sacred Sound, I can guide you through this wonderful world. My sessions consist of firstly finding your heart song or sound … introducing you to vocal toning … unleashing the wonder of playing the Tibetan Singing bowl … finding your heart rhythm in the Shamanic Drum … and exploring other Sacred Sounding instruments. If your desire is to create songs or melodies … we can explore your creative potential in a loving and heart-full way … discovering your Heart Song … and developing your creations into structured songs which we can then record in a professional studio environment. Please feel free to chat with me about your wishes …my email is or my mobile number is 07940 717 201 … I’d be very happy to discuss all aspects of Sacred Sound.


Anne Malone and Sacred Sound